Environmental enrichment
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Keeping domestic cats inside is important to protect our birds and other small wildlife. Most of the time, it is also better for the cats. Outdoor cats will have to deal with traffic, dogs, humans, other cats, and predators, and often die at a much younger age than cats who live indoors exclusively. When we keep cats inside, it is important to "bring some of the outside inside". We must realize that our home has become their entire world and we need to make sure it meets their natural demands. We cannot expect our cats to thrive and be happy when we force them to adapt to a living environment that is setup only for humans. Below we will share suggestions on how you can make your house a better place for your cat.

Vertical space (being safe high up)

Creating places high up for our cats where they feel safe is of utmost importance. In the wild cats are not only predators, but also prey. Us humans understand "the dog is friendly", "the visitor is family", or that "it is only fireworks", but our cats do not. The easiest option is to purchase a couple of "cat trees", preferably at least one in each room. We recommend the large and deluxe cat trees from Kitty Mansions (we do not have any commercial interest in any of the products that we recommend). The Cat Tree King also manufactures high quality cat trees, and the Refined Feline sells two modern-looking cat trees.
Another option is wall shelves. The disadvantage is that you need to drill in the wall. However, it is a relatively easy and affordable way to provide vertical space for your cats. You can even build portals and bridges to connect rooms. The Refined Feline also sells wall shelves for cats.