Cowboy Cat Ranch


I is Aguereberry and i is moved into Cowboy Cat Ranch in August 2016, but is living with them since January 2014 when them adopted me, together with Zappa, from the shelter. I is the oldest cat here because i is believed to be born in March 2007. Them gave me a difficult name. I is named after Pete Aguereberry, although i is a girl, and Aguereberry Point in Death Valley National Park, CA. I think them visited there because we moved from California to here. Whenever i is in a new place, i is exploring everything and is not afraid, only a little bit shy with not-them. I really like to play in a crackle tunnel with lattice balls with a bell, with the Ripple Rug, try to catch Da Bird, and i bring them a fabric string very often as a present because i love them so much. When i is bringing it i meow a lot so them know i is coming. Almost always i sleep together with them on the bed.

Aguereberry gallery

Interview with Aguereberry (May 7th, 2017)


I is Zappa, named after Frank Zappa, but i is a girl, just like my friend Aguereberry. I is from the same shelter as her. When them brought us home i stayed inside the carrier for many hours, because i is very afraid of new things. I is born in December 2011 and i is adopted by them in January 2014. It is difficult for me to get along well with other cats, especially young ones, but i is learning. I love silver vine wood sticks; i play with it almost every day and it makes me very happy. I also like to catch toy mice and chase strings, pretending they is tails. Them is loving me so much and some times i love them back so much too.

Zappa gallery

Interview with Zappa (May 15th, 2017)


My name is Vlinder, which means butterfly in The Netherlands. I is the youngest one at the ranch, together with my sister and brother. I think it is fun to jump and i can jump really high to catch a fly, or a toy mice thrown in the air by them. Them rescued me and my sister Namibia and brother Olli from a horrible shelter. When we is 8 weeks old the three of us were locked up in a very small cage, until them came and saw us. I love my sister sooo much and my brother too, but he can sometimes be a little bit rough when playing and then i scream to make him stop, but he is not always listening to me. I also love Aguereberry; she is like a mommy to me. Them say i is really good at hiding; sometimes them cannot find me for a long time.

Vlinder gallery


Meow!!! I is Olli and i is the only male at the ranch. I like to play with everybody, but they don't always like to play with me. Namibia, my sister, is my biggest friend. She is quite strong and we play a lot. I also like to eat. A lot. Not just meat but also lettuce, spinach and boiled broccoli and green beans. Always when them are making these vegetables in the kitchen, i meow a lot until i get it. Works really well. Every morning i wake up them because i is hungry. I is happy them understand and them give me food. After the food i is drinking water from one of the fountains. I is very happy because them have a lot of toys for us that i like.

Olli gallery


I is Namibia. Na mi bi a. I is named after the country in the south of Africa. I is born in November 2014, just like Olli and Vlinder. I love everyone at Cowboy Cat Ranch where we moved to in August 2016, and i is never giving up on trying to be friends with Zappa. I play a lot with my brother and sister and Agueberry is like a mommy to me. I love playing with thin colorful springs (from Ethical Pet) too. Sometimes i is so happy and need to be cuddled by them. When that happens i will walk to them and meow and meow and i will get lots of cuddles from them.

Namibia gallery


I is Pumpkin. Them at the Animal Defense League shelter in San Antonio gave me my Pumpkin name i think. I is been in the shelter for a long time; half a year. I think this is because i is almost 8 years and my heart is not very good. I is in the shelter because of allergy, but i is not believing that. In October of 2016 them saw me and them brought me to my now forever and ever home. When i is not liking something i is doing as if is happening the most horrible thing in the world. I is a good drama queen. I is still getting used to the other cats at the Ranch. Them make sure i have a safe place and i is liking that so much. I is thinking i is friends with all other cats, but we is just needing some time.

Pumpkin gallery